About us

We are a fully licensed agency that is ready to help you find the perfect package of insurance policies to suit your needs and budget.  We believe that having somebody on your team, to be in your corner when searching for these plans should be a guarantee.
About us
We started this agency as an opportunity to give back to the community.  We wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, both clients and community members.  We feel like your insurance agent should be a trusted member of your household.  Someone you can rely on if needed.  A professional who fights in your corner when the going gets tough.
A common phrase we hear from clients is that they are hesitant to work with a broker.  While the thought of having an agent that can shop around for you to find the best overall rates is nice, the downfall usually happens after you have signed the policy.  The common theme is… your broker is nowhere to be found!
Here at PriorityOne, we strive to maintain that one-on-one client relationship.  We want to be there for you!  Have a question?  Need something taken care of?  We are your go-to crew for all of your insurance needs.  Let us do all of the heavy lifting, make it easy to understand and best of all, take YOUR needs into consideration.
PriorityOne also maintains a high level of pride for our community members.  If you know of a volunteer organization, or have a cause that means a lot to you, let us know!  All agents and staff that work under the PriorityOne name have a common trait in that we want to make the world a better place.

Why not be a part of that with us?