“Hello is [name] available?”
     – If not, find out who you are speaking with, spouse? roommate? child?
     – Offer to leave a message
     – Build rapport with whoever answered!  *This could be important later*

“Hello [name] my name is [agent name] I’m with PriorityOne Insurance Agency. How are you today?
     – LISTEN!
     – Respond accordingly

“I was just following up with your online request for an auto insurance quote, is now a good time to discuss your quotes?
     – If negative response, find out why?
         – Bad time?
         – Did not request?
         – Already purchased?
     – Overcome objections!

Verify Info:
“I want to go over the information that I have, in order to make sure I have everything correct.  This allows me to give you the most accurate quote.  The information we get sometimes auto fills to a generic setting, we want to make sure we are tailoring this to YOUR needs.”

“I have your home listed at [address] is that correct?  That is out in [county] right?”
     – If not correct it now.

“It looks like you are currently insured with [carrier] right now?  What has you looking for new rates?  Did you want to keep your current coverage with [limits] and [deductibles]?”
     – If not correct it now.
     – How much are they paying?

“For yourself I have your date of birth listed as [DOB]?  I want to make sure I am looking at all available discounts, is [education level] your highest level of education?  Great!  As far as your driving record goes, I show you listed [violations]?  Are there any other tickets or accidents in the last 3 years?”
     – Update information as needed.
     – At fault accidents go back 5 years.
     – Vocational training can count!  Dig deeper to understand the client.
     – What does the client do?  Build rapport, this is your chance to get to know them each individually.

“As far as your vehicles go I have [vehicle] listed, is that correct?”
     – Update information as needed
     – Any other vehicles?  Motorcycles?  Boats?  Toys?

“Our company works with several top rated carriers, so I’m just running your information though the comparative rater and we will see who is going to come back with the best rates.  How soon are you looking at getting this coverage started?”
     – Get your effective date
     – Find out heat levels now (don’t spend a lot of time with a shopper, need to find the buyers!)

– While the comparative rater is running, build rapport with the client.
– What do they do for work?
– What are their hot-points?
– What do they wish was different about their new coverage?
– How can you be better?

Set up the close:
– Find out the most competitive rates
– If more work is needed schedule a call back time
– If they are looking to buy, SELL IT!

“It looks like [carrier] is coming back with the most competitive rates.  Lets go directly into that carrier and fine tune this to get your final number.  I have not run any reports yet, I just want to confirm that [violations] are correct.  I will need to run a motor vehicle report to confirm your rates.”
     – Find out if there are any additional violations that were not disclosed.
     – Correct any discrepancies now.
     – Use your hot-points from earlier to increase coverage for them.
     – Full glass?
     – Roadside?  Rental?
     – Accident forgiveness?

“Now that everything looks good, I will now run your motor vehicle report.”
     – Gather any missing info

“Your final rate is [premium] which can be paid monthly at [monthly premium] or you can save by paying your full term at [full premium] which saves you [savings] by doing it this way!”
     – Paid in full is great if they can swing it, remind them of the savings.
     – Your down payment may be different than the monthly premium.
     – Set up the initial payment right away.



How to sell a Homeowners policy

  • Make sure they have a house
  • Sell them a policy